The Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho

A Residential Construction Trade Association Affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

Developers Council

An industry council which addresses issues specific to developers.

  • Develop strategies to improve image and communicate progress.
  • Share information on how to handle common problems and issues.
  • Build solid relationships with governing bodies and related groups.
  • Is a pro-active industry advocate in all local elections, appointments, and legislation.
  • Monitors local government policies regarding economic development and growth.

Builders-Codes Council

An industry council which addresses issues specific to builders.

  • Shares information on how to handle common problems and/or issues.
  • Continues to promote the Registered Master Builder Program.
  • Monitors industry trends including builder liability issues.
  • Monitors local government code enforcement and interpretation.
  • Advances building industry positions and interests.
  • Also represents the voice of the remodeling members in the community.
  • Provides educational programs through the Sales & Marketing Council including the Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) and Certified Graduate Associates (CGA).
  • Provides expanded opportunities to BCASWI Membership.

Green Building Council

As the voice for the home building industry members in Southwestern Idaho who want to engage in green development, design and construction, the BCASWI’s Green Building Council is committed to the long term objectives for green building established by NAHB. The Green Building Council shall work as an integral part of the BCASWI, not as an isolated group working independently. Council members are encouraged to actively participate in existing BCASWI committees to ensure that the Green Building Council’s goals are integrated with those of each committee and council and the BCASWI.