The Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho

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For Builders

As many of you are aware, the number of lawsuits involving mold in newly constructed homes have increased dramatically throughout the country in recent years. This trend has resulted in a sharp rise in general liability insurance rates for builders across the state.

The BCA leadership has taken a proactive role in helping to identify the Contractor's responsibility in relation to mold claims, and to help find ways to prevent mold growth from occurring.

As part of it's mission, the BCA has:

  1. Developed a sample contract addendum for builders.
  2. Produced an educational video for distribution to clients purchasing a new home.
  3. Passed new legislation requiring a "construction professional" be allowed a chance to fix a construction defect prior to being sued.

Please click on the links below to find out more about how the actions of the BCA may have a positive impact on your business. And, don't forget to visit our "RESOURCES" page for more information on mold in residential construction.


Contact the BCA Office at 208-377-3550